Daniel Allegrucci




Dedicated to everything delicious that is developed in a laboratory.

Explosion Woodcuts

2009 - 2012

These explosions consider notions of "domestic" safety, conflict and its representation. They address a contemporary anxiety induced by a situation where entire paradigms are subject to crumble instantly and without warning.

Tough Guys

I'm interested in those fighters that are used up, knocked out or otherwise beleaguered. The pugilist always comes in last: the spectator briefly escapes his concerns, the promoter gets the big payday and the fighters, win or lose, get a few more lumps for their trouble. Especially tragic/endearing is the washed up career fighter. Absent other opportunities, the dream of being 'champ' gives way to the need to 'get work.' And as technology outpaces our ability to understand and regulate it, one can easily imagine bodily enhancements that might extend a career or spice up the action.

Shrapnel Woodcuts, 2011