Daniel Allegrucci

The Queen's Mirror, 2013

A small regional bank becomes a global colossus through a series of acquisitions. Financial institutions, as grotesque embodiments of their stock ticker symbols, devour each other while the bank´s hometown rebrands itself as a "World Class City."

Wheel of Personhood, 2012

"...a funny, nightmarish animated mashup of body parts, game show banter and unchecked desire."
- Barbara Schreiber

What is a person? What is a "body?" Somewhere between the corporeal and the immaterial, the individual and the collective, lays our current condition. Corporations are more powerful than nations states and demand protection for their “freedom of speech.” We look to the sky and no longer think of a magical afterlife, but rather, the cloud... innumerable bits of data whizzing by, commodifying our relationships and logging our most trivial gestures. Meanwhile, back in the physical world, food, drugs and industrial waste are one in the same. We create transgenic chimeras to bring us better pharmaceuticals, weapons, and profit margins. Rather than become alarmed by our new state of affairs, we are dazzled into a stupor by a self-recycling hypnotic spectacle.

Golden Spoon, 2012